API & Platforms are the new SOA

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The business around API’s is growing these days. There has been quite a lot of talking about how companies should be building platforms to achieve innovation and reach new markets. It’s all about opening your business to let others create value on top of it. The financial industry (i.e. banks) is taking the lead in this area. One thing I didn’t realize before is how similar this movement is to the old gold SOA.

Make it simple with Spark Java

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About an year ago I’ve stumbled upon this interesting little framework called Spark Java. If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to quickly develop REST APIs in Java, you might like this.

Building this Blog

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A few weeks ago I decided to engage in a project of building a blog. I was looking for challenges, I wanted to build something of my own, without using some of these well known platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, etc. It was more about the journey and satisfaction of dealing with a domain that I was never very familiar with: front-end development.